Business Immigration

In today’s truly global marketplace, more and more employers rely on hiring people from outside the UK or Europe in order to access the very best skills, experience, and qualifications – particularly in sectors where there is a skills shortage in the UK or where specialist language skills are required.

Thanks to the complex and ever-changing nature of business immigration law, it can often be difficult to understand and adhere to the many legal regulations. But, when it comes to business immigration and foreign workers, it’s vital that your organisation is aware of the relevant legislation and fully complies, in order to avoid severe repercussions, substantial fines, and untold damage to your reputation.

At Danbar Solicitors, we are experts when it comes to all areas of Business Immigration Law – so we are perfectly equipped to provide advice and support to everything from multi-national corporations and educational establishments, to technology start-ups, the creative industries, and private individuals such as investors and entrepreneurs.

Business immigration law covers areas such as:

  • Entrepreneur Visas

  • General Visas for skilled workers

  • Intra-Company Transfer Visas

  • Sponsorship License Applications for specialist or temporary workers

  • Recruitment Advice

  • Objections to civil penalties and appeals in response to the service of employment notices

  • Dealing with migrant workers after a takeover or a merger

  • Applications for extension of stay and settlement

  • Home Office compliance visits

Our team of highly experienced, legal professionals is skilled and experienced in all areas of immigration law. So, whether your business is based overseas or here in the UK, our business immigration specialists can provide expert assistance with visas, applications, licences, extensions, and compliance.

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